Solar Calorifiers

The HRSFUNKE SolarStor vessels are a range of storage cylinders for use in conjunction with the HRSFUNKE solar water heating system. All our vessels are manufactured from copper lined steel, stainless steel, glass lined steel as per customer requirement and are fitted either with dual heat exchanger coils or with one heat exchanger coil and electrical back up.

The system boiler would be connected to the upper coil to use as a back up and solar connected to the lower coil, which has a unique design where the bottom of the coil is much lower than in a normal cylinder design, which reduces the amount of cold water in the tank and therefore the risk of legionella.

All our standard vessels have a maximum working pressure of 6 bar g and are supplied complete with factory fitted thermostat and thermometer. The vessels are insulated with mineral wool and encased in a heavy duty polyurethane cladding.

Product Description File Date
Solar Calorifier HRSFUNKE Solar Calorifier Profile Solar Calorifier 03/09/2015

Clients and Specifiers

capricole construction
wasl properties
command of militar work
saudi binladin group