Ancilleries Supplied

HRSFUNKE offer a wide range of accessories including thermometers, manholes, anodes, pressure gauges, safety valves and control thermostats.

Thermometers – used to measure the temperature inside the tank and are located near to the top to get the temperature of water reaching the outlet and to obtain the secondary side flow temperature.

Supports – calorifiers are supplied with legs which are permanently fixed to the shell before leaving the factory.

Manholes – allow for the internal inspection of the tank and heater, without the need to remove the heater. Standard manholes are of a flanged neck piece design which extends away from the calorifier body.
Anodes – normally supplied with glass lined calorifiers to protect the shell from corrosion with the most common material used being magnesium. The lifetime of the anode will depend on the water quality and should be removed at regular intervals.

High Limit Cut Out – for monitoring overheating in electric calorifiers and features a manual reset button.

Low Level Switch – fitted above the heater in electric calorifers to ensure that they are not running dry.

Pressure Gauge – located near the top of the tank and used to measure the pressure inside the tank ensuring that during operation it does not exceed the designed pressure.

Safety Valve – should be fitted to all hot water tanks to protect against high pressure, which may occur due to control malfunction or incorrect operation. HRSFUNKE supply a combined pressure temperature relief valve.

Insulation – to prevent unnecessary heat loss. HRSFUNKE’s standard tanks are supplied with compressed 50mm thick CFC free polyurethane or mineral wool insulation encased in stucco aluminium casing.

Anti Vacuum Valve – used in copper lined calorifiers to protect against partial vacuum and should not be removed except for inspection.

Control Thermostat – used in electric calorifiers and may be by way of a number of control switches located at different levels or by a single temperature switch which activates the heating process and is controlled by a timer control relay.

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