The benefit of choosing to install a solar powered hot water system is significant when viewed over the long term since after the initial investment hot water generation is free. A solar thermal hot water heating system is an efficient, effective and environmentally friendly way of heating hot water.

HRSFUNKE offer two solar panel options - flat plate or evacuated tube collectors. Dependant on the local climate, both options offer a good solution for solar hot water generation. The flat plate type offers longevity of operation and is more suitable for installations in the Middle East due to higher working temperatures and efficiency. For locations where there is less sun the evacuated tube may offer better benefits than flat plate collectors due to the year round efficiency of glass tubes.

Flat Plate Collectors

The HRSFUNKE flat plate solar thermal collector consists of a copper riser tube structure, fitted to a flat absorber plate. The absorber plates are highly efficient, and are made of specially designed Tinox Selectice or Black Chrome according to requirements. The absorber plate on standard flat plate solar thermal collectors are generally painted black or black in colour. The black surface is most efficient at absorbing solar radiation and converting it to heat, it is also highly efficient at reradiating long wave infrared heat back out. The collector structure is manufactured from stainless steel or anodized aluminum and the collector base is manufactured from weather resistant aluminium or galvanized sheet with 35mm glass wool rear insulation. The glass cover is highly transparent, made from low iron, tempered glass.

solar flat plate panel system hrsfunke
Evacuated Tube Collectors

The HRSFUNKE evacuated tube solar thermal collectors comprise a set of glass tubes fitted to a header pipe. The tubes are coated externally with an absorbent film. Internally, the glass tube has a copper pipe (also known as a heat pipe) with the solar fluid within the copper tube. Between the copper tube and the glass tube, the air is removed to create a vacuum. This lets the solar radiation in to heat the copper tube but stops any heat escaping back out because of the vacuum, thereby making them more efficient in the winter than flat plate collectors. The fluid heated within the tube rises during the natural convection process to the top in the header and is replaced by cooler water which is heated during the heating cycle. This is circulated through the heat exchanger to transfer the heat to the hot water system. The solar water is cooled during this process as its heat is transferred to the domestic hot water, the solar heating cycle then starts again.

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