Skid mounted solutions

On many occasions the heat transfer calculation requires several heat exchanger modules to be combined into a single heat exchanger. Our heat exchangers are standardised to maximum inner tube length of six metres. HRSFUNKE skid mounted systems allow for the combination of several heat exchangers into a single unit. Where a thermal length of more than six metres is required multiple modules are mounted in series interconnecting both tube side and service side fluid connections, and placed in a support frame. In this way a fully counter current flow heat exchanger can be made, built up from several different modules.

HRSFUNKE supply and commission very large and complex heat exchanger skid mounted systems which are tailor made to a customer’s requirements and include all the components for a complete system installation.

A good example of mounting multiple units in a frame is a pasteurisation skid. In pasteurisation processes food products have to be heated up to the desired temperature and then cooled back to the filling temperature. In many occasions heat recovery takes place by transferring heat from the pasteurised (hot) fluid to the incoming unpasteurised (cold) fluid. Energy savings can be obtained by direct heat recovery - product to product heat transfer, or indirect heat recovery – by using an intermediate water loop between the hot and cold fluids. Either way, the pasteurisation skid often contains four or more separate heat exchanger sections combined into one single heat exchanger skid.

HRSFUNKE has taken skid mounting to the extreme in the development of the MX series heat exchangers for pasteurisation applications. In some occasions pasteurisation skids may contain up to 40 individual modules. With traditional designs such large heat exchanger skids will occupy a very large space both in terms of floor and volume. Thanks to the MX series’ patented compact design, HRSFUNKE has reduced the interconnecting distance between modules to a minimum. The result is one of the most compact heat exchanger systems available in the market today

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skid mounted solution hrsfunke
skid mounted solution hrsfunke

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