Gasketed plate heat exchangers reach their limit when it comes to critical media as for example refrigerants, for which the use of gaskets is not advisable. For this type of demanding applications HRSFUNKE can supply semi welded heat exchangers - the FPG series. These are used as evaporators, condensers or oil coolers in refrigerating and pro-process cooling as well as for special chemical applications giving refrigeration engineering without any risk.

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The plates of the FPG Heat Exchangers are based on the proven technology of the HRSFUNKE FP series. A cassette is made of two corrugated heat exchanger plates which are assembled at a180° angle to each other. Back to back these are laser welded along the sealing groove provided for the gasket. The aggressive medium or the refrigerant runs through the inlet aperture in this sealed flow channel between the plates. In the entry zone, the grooves of the plates have a special pattern so that the medium can freely run into the cassette. On the outside each cassette is fitted with a gasket. When the critical medium passes from one cassette to the other only two of the four ring gaskets at the apertures come into contact with the medium. These two ring gaskets are made from specially designed, highly resistant material. To ensure flawless sealing these specially designed gaskets are twice as thick as conventional gaskets. Furthermore, in the entry zone of the medium the profile of the gaskets are tapered onto the sealing ring and bridging piece. The flow gap of the less critical medium between the single cassettes is sealed with application specific gaskets of proven quality. The gaskets are mounted without glue using the completely reliable “ T- Clip - System”. In the entry zone of each medium double welding seams and double gaskets between the cassettes guarantee for a leak free operation without any danger of mixing of the media.

As standard, HRSFUNKE heat transfer plates are manufactured from 1.4404/ AISI 316L, titanium is also available. The thickness of the material is 0.6 mm. For the ring gaskets at the changeover area of the critical medium, for example ammonia, chloropene gaskets are used. For the flow gap of the uncritical media NBR or EPDM- gaskets are used. Gaskets can also be made from two different materials, ie the ring gaskets are made from another material than the main gasket frame – for example chloropene for the ring and NBR for the frame.


Suitable for HVAC, refrigeration engineering, chemical, sugar, food, marine, power and paper industries.


  • Maximum. allowable pressure - 30 bar
  • Maximum. allowable temperature - 180 deg C
  • Minimum. allowable temperature -35 deg C
  • Very flexible system. The adaption of the heat exchanger to new operating conditions is made feasible by exchanging or adding components.
  • Easy cleaning of gasketed exchange surface
  • Low fouling tendency.
  • Fast and ecomomic mounting.
  • High heat transfer coefficient.
  • Extreme corrosion resistance.
  • Easy changing of gaskets - combined gasket frame.

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