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Selected components from our own production and from renowned manufacturers are used during manufacturing. The provision together with complete accessories as a ready to operate, ready for connection unit (CVE) is a particular advantage of the CERTUSS offer. It saves time consuming and costly pre installation and offers factory tested safety and reliability. A wide range of additional equipment such as the Thermotimat control unit for fully automatic operation of our plants without personnel offer a compact high capacity system and a considerably reduced power requirement.

The CERTOMAT system of the SC series installed as standard indicates the operating state of the steam generator, displays them in plain text and stores messages for detailed evaluations.

The touch screen of the TC series guides the operator graphically through all the application steps and when required provides access to system specific supplementary functions through to reminders for maintenance dates or further preventative measures for maintaining the operational reliability.

All the signals can be integrated in a process control system provided by the customer (GLT).

Inclusion of the steam generator control system in a company network is possible. The data transfer can be effected via Ethernet Switch directly or via interfaces, such as for example PROFIBUS, via DSL or GSM.

Find the suitable CERTUSS steam generator here: A lot of steam from a small area
CERTUSS steam generators of the Junior SC series are robust, reliable and easy to operate. No permit required for installation and use in Germany. steam generator junior sc hrsfunke
Type Junior SC
Firing Öl or gas Oil, gas or a combination
Steam capacity kg/h 80 – 120 150 – 200 250 – 400 500 – 600
Heating capacity kW 53 – 79 99 – 131 164 – 262 328 – 393
Nominal load kW 58 – 87 109 – 145 182 – 291 364 – 436
Height / Width / Depth mm 1500 / 650 / 1210 1580 / 725 / 1375 1850 / 805 / 1510 1980 / 870 / 1630
Operating pressure max. bar 8 / 14 / 22 / 29 8 / 14 / 18 / 22 / 29
Max. permissible overpressure bar 10 / 16 / 25 / 32 10 / 16 / 20 / 25 / 32

We reserve the right to make modifications

CERTUSS Junior - all the advantages of the CERTUSS technology
  • Low space requirement.
  • Installation in operating rooms, no foundation required.
  • Robust all steel design.
  • Double shell air cooling, no insulation materials.
  • Air intake from above, trapped heat in boiler house extracted, floor dust remains.
  • Integrated low emission CERTUSS burner system.
  • Noise and vibration damping, elastic aggregate fastening.
  • Energy saving immediately adapting to the demand, hardly emitting loss.
  • Vertical expansion free central mounting of the heating system with low point clarification.
  • Replaceable evaporation zone.
  • When required rapid cleaning of the heating systems, no dismantling required.
  • In Germany steam generators from the Junior series do not require supervision and approval by TÜV *.
  • Operation without supervision.
  • Complete delivery using special vehicles.
  • If wished, partial or complete installation.
  • Simple maintenance also by the owner operator.
  • Customer service and spare part provision are recognized as exemplary.

*With the exception of steam generators from the Junior 250-400 sereis which have a maximum permissible overpressure of 32 bars, and the Junior 500-600 – maximum permissible overpressure of 25-32 bar.

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