Hot Water Boiler

RFB - (64 to 291) kW Reversed Flame Fire Tube Boiler

  • Compact dimensions simplifies the transport and the positioning in boiler house.
  • Thermal exchange optimisation by driven water passage into the boiler.
  • Tube bundle positioning decentralised upwards, above the furnace, with drastic reduction of possible condensation.
  • Smoke pipes with extra thickness for anti condensing effect.
  • Turbulators for thermal exchange optimisation into the smoke pipes.
  • Bottom of the furnace reinforced with U profiles for greater mechanical resistance.
  • Internal door insulation in light refractory concrete.
  • Front door with self centering locking.
  • External casing inclusive of 60 mm rock wool insulation.
  • Panel board suitable for electronic control
hot water boilers hrsfunke
RANGE From 60 to 290 kW
WORKING PRESSURE 6 Bar (High pressure available on demand)
WORKING TEMPERATURE Minimum return temperature higher than 50°C
OPERATION WITH Gas or oil fired pressure jet burners
MODELS RFB - 60 | RFB - 75 | RFB - 90 | RFB - 105 | RFB - 120
RFB - 140 | RFB - 160 | RFB - 185 | RFB - 230 | RFB - 290

Decentralization of tube bundle for high resistance to the condensate

Product Description File Date
Hot Water Boiler HRSFUNKE Hot Water Boiler Profile Hot Water Boiler 03/09/2015

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