Condensing Water Boiler

VCB - (152 to 348) kW Stainless Steel Condensing Boiler

  • Condensing units, entirely in stainless steel complete with total premix modulating gas burner.
  • Four natural gas fired models, from 150 to 348 kW.
  • Certified efficiency up to 109% at part load.
  • Made from high quality materials with very high resistance to the acidic condensate - stainless steel AISI 316L and AISI 304, treated with the most recent cutting and welding technologies.
  • Fitted with electronic panel boards with HSCP and BCM controllers, cascades up to eight boilers possible.
  • Modulation ratio 1:6.
  • Silent and with low pressure losses, thanks to the optimisation of the movement of the smoke.
  • Vertically designed, they occupy little space and can be easily delivered through narrow doors.
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RANGE From 150 to 348 kW
WORKING PRESSURE 6 Bar (High pressure available on demand)
WORKING TEMPERATURE Minimum return temperature higher than 50°C
OPERATION WITH Gas or oil fired premix burners
MODELS VCB - 150 | VCB - 230 | VCB - 300 | VCB - 348

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