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Oil and gas has two streams of processing - upstream and downstream. Heat exchangers for oil and gas processing need to be designed in such a way that they withstand extreme temperatures and pressures, two phase mixtures and also corrosive media. HRSFUNKE offers a wide range of gasketed, semi welded and fully welded plate heat exchangers. HRSFUNKE’s document control department provides customers with a number of calculations such as nozzle load, wind load, seismic loads etc. Every HRSFUNKE heat exchanger is fabricated to quality standards and major design codes like PED 97/23/EU with CE stamp, ASME Section VIII Division 1 with U stamp and API 662/ISO15547

Oil and gas applications for plate heat exchangers:

  • Gas Desulphurisation
  • Crude Oil Desalting
  • Heat Recovery


Plate heat exchangers are used to remove salts like calcium, magnesium and sodium chlorides from crude oil. The desalting process is the first process in the refining of crude oil. HRSFUNKE provides different types of heat exchangers for different processes - welded, semi welded and gasketed.

HRSFUNKE heat exchangers are also used in the treater tanks to remove sand and separate out the water by heating the emulsions of viscous crude with steam or glycol.

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A sweetening process where acidic components like hydrogen sulphide and other carbon products - carbon monoxide, carbon disulphide and carbon dioxide are removed from gas streams. It is carried out in industries where sour gasses have to be treated for example in ethylene production, natural gas treatment and refineries etc. Two plate heat exchangers are used for this process.

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HRSFUNKE heat exchangers can supply higher U value heat exchangers, which recover large amounts of available kilowatts in hot water from treater tanks which is usable for preheating boiler feed water. The produced water can be heated further through a steam driven HRSFUNKE heat exchanger which is entered into wells for increased production

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