swimming pool heat exchanger hrsfunke

In swimming pools HRSFUNKE heat exchangers are used to transfer the heat / cool generated by the boiler / chiller, or any other heating / cooling method, to the water that is in the pool. HRSFUNKE heat exchangers keep both sides of the system apart therefore any chemicals on the pool side, which could be corrosive to the heating / cooling system are kept away. Likewise the inhibitors on the heating side are kept away from the occupants of the pool. HRSFUNKE heat exchangers are sized according to the boiler used, or ideally, to the size of the pool and a suitable boiler / cooling system is used to match this.

HRSFUNKE swimming pool heat exchangers work by having the hot water from the boiler / chiller run through the heat exchanger and back to boiler / chiller. Swimming pool water is piped via a second set of pipes through the heat exchanger and back in to the swimming pool.

The lower temperature swimming pool water extracts the heat from the hot central heating boiler water and the swimming pool water is warmed gradually.

HRSFUNKE heat exchangers are ideal for use with either boiler / chiller or solar thermal systems.

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