HRSFUNKE provides pressure breaker solutions for the efficient energy distribution in high rise buildings when HVAC piping systems are deployed. The static head in these tall buildings creates pressure that often exceeds acceptable load levels for condensers or room air conditioners.

The high quality and energy efficient HRSFUNKE plate heat exchangers can split the circuit in order to keep the pressure down to the required level. The quality of HRSFUNKE plate heat exchangers ultimately results in pump, piping, fittings and valve safety by maintaining the required pressure. While splitting the piping structure for certain pressure requirements it is very important not to waste cold in the cooling system. HRSFUNKE plate heat exchangers are designed to perform in such an energy efficient way that the energy loss is minimal when compared to any other conventional heat exchanger available on the market

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The entire chilled water system will be designed for low pressure for example 10 bar (150 psig). This means cost savings in the chiller as well as in the selection of air handling units and other system equipment. Instead of having many chillers in a building, plate heat exchangers can be placed on several floors as pressure breakers. This has a positive effect on building design:

  • They are very compact and only require normal floor height, ie < 3 m/10 ft, and only a third of the floor space of a chiller with identical capacity. This makes them easy to fit, even in buildings with limited space.
  • They do not cause any vibrations or noise. This will save money for the owner as the rest of the floor can be rented out without the tenants being disturbed.
  • They do not normally need any additional maintenance, over and above scheduled maintenance which consists of gasket replacement approximately every 10–12 years

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