HRSFUNKE storage calorifiers offer a high quality solution for domestic hot water heating. The standard range is manufactured from either stainless steel, copper, copper lined steel, galvanised steel or glass lined steel. The heater battery is made from either copper or stainless steel AISI 316L and electrical heaters are produced from Nicalloy 825 offering a hygienic, reliable long life.

HRSFUNKE copper lined calorifiers provide hygienic operation which makes them suitable for hotels, hospitals, educational institutions and other applications where drinking water is required.

HRSFUNKE has more than 30 standard models and also offers bespoke designs. Units can be designed around constraints within the plant room with special attention paid to where the terminating connections need to be on the unit so it ties in with the system pipe work, helping to reduce on site labour and material costs.

electric and hot water calorifier


HRSFUNKE electric calorifiers are designed to be used with electricity as the primary heat input and are ideal for applications where there are no boilers or other water generating equipment available. HRSFUNKE electric calorifiers are supplied with their own control panel, which monitors and controls the heating element to provide optimum operation.


HRSFUNKE hot water calorifiers are designed for use with any primary heating source, for example a solar system or boiler, to provide hygienic water for a wide range of applications. Direct heating sources like solar and boilers can affect water quality so that an isolating medium such as an HRSFUNKE hot water calorifier is required. HRSFUNKE hot water calorifiers provide hygienic hot water, by using specially designed copper U-Tube heat exchangers. The calorifier will use the primary side hot water as an indirect heating source and will transfer energy to the cold water side using the specially designed heat exchangers in it. The calorifier will use the primary side hot water as an indirect heating source and will produce hot water. With these we can also provide an electrical heater either as a back up or to meet peak demand.

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