Heating / cooling / pasteurising /
sterilising / freezing / cooking /
concentration for the food and
dairy industries.

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Shell & Tube

HRSFUNKE‘s shell and tube
technology offers a unique range
of solutions for oil and gas,
petrochemical, process industries,
refrigeration and air conditioning

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Shell and Tube hrsfunke


Pressurised steel boiler for gas
oil and heavy oil pressure jet
burners with floating furnaces
and reversed flames.

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Hot water boiler hrsfunke


Hot water generation for
schools / colleges / universities,
hotels, nursing homes, prisons,
private houses, swimming
pools, leisure / sports facilities
and blocks of flats.

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Certuss high quality steam
generators are based on the water
-tube boiler principle. The steam
is available immediately due to
pilot burner technology.

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Control Valves

Reap the benefits of ARI control
valve technology with STEVI!
Variable product solutions give you
more flexibility, more power and
more precision.

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Solar System

The benefit of choosing to
install a solar powered hot water
system is significant when viewed
over the long term since after the
initial investment hot water
generation is free.

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Solar water heating System hrsfunke


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HRSFUNKE Heat Transfer Group operates at the very forefront of thermal processing technology and is a leading heat transfer specialist. The company offers high quality heat transfer solutions for the food and beverage / sugar / oil and gas / petrochemical and chemical / general processing / pharmaceutical / power / HVAC, district cooling and refrigeration industries. Formerly HRS FUNKE Heat Exchangers FZCO, HRSFUNKE Heat Transfer FZE’s Middle East regional office is located at Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai and includes a 6,600 square foot product and spare parts storage area.

The company also has a branch in Abu Dhabi - HRS FUNKE Heat Transfer LLC which specialises in supplying products to the oil and gas industry. Read More


Plate Heat Exchangers

Heating / cooling / pasteurising / sterilising / freezing / cooking and concentration...

Hot Water Boilers

Pressurised steel boiler for gas, oil and heavy oil pressure jet burners...

Electrical Storage Calorifiers

Hot water generation for schools / colleges / universities / hotels...

Shell and Tube

Suitable for low to medium viscosity fluids, industrial applications, CIP heating...


Besides our own manufacturing plant in Spain we have worldwide partnerships with the top heat transfer equipment brands and are distributors in the MENA region for Funke Germany, Certuss Steam Generator Germany and ARI Armaturen Germany.


HRSFUNKE Heat Transfer has an extensive product range suitable for applications in most industrial sectors ensuring we are able to offer the best technical solution for any requirement.


HRSFUNKE Heat Transfer offers you specifically tailored designs for your application. We select the type of heat transfer equipment which is most appropriate to your needs. This may be a unit manufactured by us or, alternatively could be a model from another manufacturer. The most important factor being that we offer you the optimum and most appropriate solution to your heat transfer requirements.

Clients and Specifiers

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